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Welcome with Redouane BELBAHRI

We Get your Data to Work for You

As with any project, success comes with the right choices of processes, technology and … before anything else people. We hope you will take the time to visit our site and learn how we can assist you in successfully implementing Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Architecture and how we can help you to:

  1. Reduce Data Integration development costs with reusable components
  2. Deploy new projects and applications faster
  3. Increase data quality for business users
  4. Leverage best practices in data integration for greater control and better outcomes

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Information & Integration Architect

What is the difference?

Creative Ideas

Those ideas are waiting to be discovered impatiently. Waiting yours.

Reusable Components

We have developed a set of Data Integration & Data Quality frameworks.

Save Your Time

Today is the day to save time and get faster. Your clients will love it!

Best Practices

We’re proud of our clients, they all benefit from our unique combination of creativity, know-how, service and value.

Strong References

We’re proud of our clients, they all benefit from our unique combination of creativity, know-how, service and value.

  • AXA (Banking & Insurance)
  • ING (Banking & Insurance)
  • AEGON (leading insurers in Nederlands)
  • RKW (National Office of family allowance)
  • SIBELGA  (major Utilities company in Belgium)
  • KPN (major Telecom company in Nederlands)
Recent Technologies

  • Informatica Data Masking products are highly scalable, high-performance data masking software. Informatica Data Masking products dynamically mask sensitive production data from unauthorized access and permanently and irreversibly mask nonproduction data.
  • AXA decided to strengthen their brand strategy by adopting a new signature: redefining / standards in order to address the major problem in insurance market and increase AXA credibility. The goal is to setup an enterprise-wide ETL/ELT capability and delivery centre and to enable projects to use the new capability. The capability will be provided around Informatica.
  • As of now, Arty Maroc is still under active development, so I won’t write much about it here. I will say this: if like Arts & Morocco, you’re going to love MMG. Coming Fall 2013. Made for iOS 7.

Not doing more than the average is what keeps the average down.by William Lyon Phelps

Current Projects

Arty Maroc (iOS apps), le premier guide et agenda d’art au Maroc, est le guide indispensable de vos sorties culturelles. Elle offre quatre modes uniques :

  • Découvrez les lieux et les expositions à proximité avec toutes les informations pratiques
  • Recherchez les galeries et musées par mots-clés : lieu, exposition, artiste, ville, code postal, etc.
  • Parcourez le calendrier de tous les vernissages à venir.
  • Une fonction de géolocalisation pour afficher les musées autour de vous.